Solution Modules


Establishment of a basic CRM solution

The package includes the development of a customized CRM solution, an implementation with training and effective stakeholder management. Our experts support every step to ensure that the solution is successfully implemented and meets the requirements.


Deal pipeline management

The deal pipeline acts as the basis for decision meetings and pipeline reporting. Flexible information exchange takes place via the "What's New" wall as an internal Twitter where the latest news about customers, projects and asset types are shared.


Task Management

An overview of all tasks originating from different workflows, such as policy triggers, data quality events (BCBS and internal measures) and operational processes (covenant management, insurance management), is captured in a central list. This provides clarity on "My Tasks" and "Team Tasks" and creates relief by distributing the workload in case of high workload or staff absence.


Contact Management

Flexible management of contacts allows to establish connections to one or more operational purposes (such as CEO, contractor, legal contact, landlord, tenant, etc.). Contact data can be used variably in different workflows, including automatic checking for validity.


Invoice Management

Postings of incoming invoices are prepared in the SAP system and assigned to the corresponding deals as well as to the correct cost categories for accounting purposes. Automated pre-calculation and forecasting of planned service invoices is performed, including allocation of project costs and preparation of corresponding postings in the account (as a replacement for the cost-intensive Lease Management Service). Budget monitoring and preparation of project reports, including profit forecast for the service unit, are provided.


Workflow - Call Reports & Trips (Visit Pack)

Schedule a client trip, review the Client Visit Pack on mobile and in Outlook, generate a visit report, validate with the loan officer, and monitor the frequency of client visits in an easy-to-access report.


Workflow - Covenant Management

Provide a complete process for covenant management, including initial setup with 4-eyes review, automatic monitoring of outstanding covenants with internal and external escalation. Use of modern token-based technology to assign responses to the appropriate officer.


Workflow - Default Management

Manage workflows related to default tracking and rating adjustments in the risk system.


Workflow - KYC Workflow and Client Risk Calculator

Provide support functions for periodic review of KYC documents and determine audit requirement using customer risk calculator implemented in CRM.


Context Aware Reporting

One-click access to detailed reports on your reporting platform, including entity-level reports such as Account, Deal, Asset Type, Client Brief, Client Visit Pack, Exposure Summary, Exposure Rundown on Account, Deal, Loan Level, Fleet Reports, and many more, as well as portfolio-level reports such as Fleet Report, Portfolio Dashboard, and Prepayment Risk Prediction.


Event / Policy Trigger

The reporting platform detects credit policy violations by executing complex rules on the existing data. The resulting events are sent to MS Dynamics to initiate various workflows such as documentation of remedial actions. The solution uses task management to more easily coordinate work from a central location.


Cash Flow Model (and Extended Excel Loader)

To reduce the effort and complexity of managing Excel applications for end users, this solution allows loading cash flow model results into the data warehouse. The data there allows comparison of cash flow assumptions with available market and research data. Exceedances of a defined threshold result in an event that triggers a task in central task management in CRM.


Limit Management

Definition of different limit types and active monitoring of the front office in case a marketing account, opportunity or signed deal is endangered by a limit (Group Risk process).


Document Automation

Reduce manual effort in compiling decision documents by providing a centralized, up-to-date source for data and reports. Guaranteed use of consistent data in decision documents through an automated solution that enables download of attributes and pre-generated report sections, as well as the ability to perform supplemental analysis in a template. Staff can create credit applications, credit reviews, and memos with automation support while working on the same document globally and even offline, all with an MS Word plugin that provides access to multiple data sources.


LEI Management

The fuzzy pattern matching mechanism determines the probability of matching LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) companies from external sources with internal business partners. The associated workflow makes a final decision on the LEI match and writes the data back to the leading business partner system. This technique is also used to detect fuzzy duplicates in the data.


Extending digitized processes to the customer portal

This mechanism provides customers with the ability to view their covenants and financial data digitally and in real time. This can reduce manual work within the company. The customer has access to information about their contractual obligations and bank accounts at any time, resulting in greater transparency and efficiency.


Integration of the Risk Calculation Kernel

This solution aims to ensure better consistency of data related to business and asset data in a process. By using existing data from the pipeline, manual data entry by users is minimized. Risk calculations are performed by an external risk calculation kernel using an interface in MS Dynamics.


Integrated and scalable filing solution

We have implemented a robust, immutable yet extensible standard filing structure that can be used for any project, account, asset type, and across departments. Granular rights management for each folder ensures Chinese Walls compliance. Fully automated deployment to a centralized system ensures efficient and secure storage of all documents. With an enhanced user experience, including drag-and-drop filing in the browser, users can easily and quickly file their documents. Over 10.3k SharePoint sites with approximately 1 million files are available, all of which are full text searchable and supported by an integrated OCR solution. Thus, we have created an efficient and user-friendly document management solution.



Digital signature of documents makes it easy and convenient to capture signatures electronically anywhere in the world. There is no longer a need for time-consuming processes such as printing, signing, scanning and filing thousands of documents.

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