Our experienced team consists of members who have been working together successfully for many years and have built up a close relationship as a result. The deep understanding of each other allows us to work efficiently and successfully together.

In order to optimally adapt our team to the needs of our customers, we work together with reliable partners from the financial industry. This enables us to assemble an effective team that meets the requirements at any time. We have adopted a goal-oriented approach to our work and are consistently committed to the success of each individual customer project.


Ingo Zimny

As your primary contact, I am your first point of contact with Pentawork Solutions. In project execution, my focus is on business analysis, identification of processes with high improvement potential and project management. The corresponding experience in the financial services sector spans well over a decade.


Lukas Militz

I am your contact for solution design - and thus the translation of business requirements. Architectures that offer reuse and easy extensibility of solutions are very close to my heart. I also attach great importance to the ease of use and high quality of our solutions.


Stefan Vaupel

As a business analyst and contact person for reporting, it is important for me to understand the actual requirements and challenges of the business side in order to lay the foundation for well-designed and flexible solutions. Reporting rounds off our solutions - here it becomes clear what is possible with the often untapped treasure trove of data.


Thomas Klopotowski

I am your developer who contributes to solution designs and incorporates the details of functional requirements into the solution together with the business departments. It is important here that I speak the same technical language due to my many years of experience in the financial services sector.


Gerrit Gazic

As a software architect, my focus is on maintainable solutions that can keep up with the changeability of requirements and the constant evolution of your business. Our solutions should support users quickly and in a simple way, and not get in their way.

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